about us

Have you ever opened the newspaper, or gone online, and read about a politician saying something that made you think twice? From the outrageous to the honest, you never know when politicians, policy makers, and activists are going to reveal themselves.  Ever wish you were there to hear it first hand?  That’s why we started Revealing Politics.

We eat, sleep, and breathe all things political.  We are the people who go to all of those town hall meetings, meet and greets, and fundraisers and report back to you. More importantly, we’ll always try to give you the bottom line . . . what this all means to you as an individual.  If you happen to find yourself going to a political event, grab a camera and send the footage to us.  Who knows, you might become a cartoon avatar in the banner of Revealing Politics.

Revealing Politics is a 501(c)4 organization. That means we exist to educate the citizenry about all things political, but we also embrace that we approach topics from a free-market paradigm.