How mad DID we make the Obama camp?

By Kelly Maher

We’ve had our email box filled by many watchers of our site with a link to this article, and asking us if our little website may have something to do with the Obama campaign barring interviews outside events. According to Dave Davies:

Obama campaign operatives barred me from talking to voters outside the event, to the point of interfering with my interviews and grabbing my microphone.

This comes in one of the first Obama events held after our video of Caleb Bonham interviewing attendees of the Obama/Fluke rally this week took the internet by storm. As of this posting it has already been featured on Fox News and has over 190,000 YouTube views.

The account is chilling for those of us who believe we need more cameras and more people filming politicians, policy makers and supporters:

I was speaking to a very enthusiastic Obama supporter named Corinne Dieterle, when I was interrupted by a young man wearing a campaign staff tag telling me I couldn’t be doing this.

This is outside, in front of a public high school.

“You can’t be doing this in line,” he said.

Why is that?” I asked.

No answer. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t do what in line?”

“You can’t be interviewing people in line,” he said.

New campaign policy: don’t bother people waiting in line. So Mr. Davies then went to interview people who had not yet even queued up:

I decided to try speaking to a couple who were approaching, but not yet in the line. A different campaign operative approached and the same thing happened. He also refused to identify himself.

Later, inside the gym, I was in the assigned media pen and chatting across the rope line with Dieterle, who I’d tried to interview earlier. Another Obama press aide, Desiree Peterkin Bell came and politely told me that wasn’t permitted.

Dieterle by the way was troubled by what had happened, and called the interference of campaign aides “un-American.”

We’re not going to say we DEFINITELY had anything to do with the Obama camp’s new protectionist, anti-First Amendment policy but the timing sure makes us wonder . . . Then this morning our friends at Complete Colorado posted their headline:

So . . . did we freak out the Obama campaign to an extent we can no longer interview even the supporters? We don’t know if it was us or just a general crack-down on the messaging by the campaign; but regardless such a policy is, as Obama rally attendee Corinne Dieterle said, “un-American.”