Pope Resigns, Hate Reigns

By Breeanne Howe

Monday morning brought surprising news that Pope Benedict has decided to retire, making him the first Pope to do so in 600 years.  Citing deteriorating health, the 85 year old pope stated he no longer has the strength to fulfill his duties and will step down on February 28.

As is always the case, the haters were quick to take to Twitter with death threats against the pope and other vile tweets.  Twitchy captured many of the offensive tweets and The Blaze screen-capped a rant by BBC star and supposed comedian Frankie Boyle, who stated, “.@Pontifex Don’t worry, in a few months you’ll be laughing about this. With Hitler in Hell.”  Another tweet, by @MetalOllie (who’s avatar features the popular No H8 slogan), called the pope a “hate-filled, homophobic, divisive, antediluvian little Nazi.”  Of course a no attack from the left would be complete without a mention of the president; and this one did not disappoint.

Unfortunately for @Kakomyrios and others on the left, President Obama is not eligible to be the next pope.  For that, he’d have to step down from playing God.