Behar’s New Boss

By Breeanne Howe

Current TV, the network that was smart enough to hire Keith Olbermann, was recently sold to Al Jazeera for around $70 million; a deal that Al Gore tried to squeeze through before the tax increases took effect, to no avail thankfully.  While Olbermann’s replacement (Oh yea, Olby was canned earlier this year for being, well, Olby), Eliot Spitzer decided being owned by Al Jazeera was a little too radical, Joy Behar visited with Jay Leno to discuss her thoughts on the matter.

Not surprisingly, Behar doesn’t care who owns her as long as she gets paid.  According to Behar, Al Gore and Al Jazeera kind of sound the same; a sentiment we’re sure Gore is thrilled she made public.  When asked about the fact that Glenn Beck tried to purchase Current, Behar made it clear that she would much rather be a part of Al Jazeera’s network.   Considering their most popular host is Youssef al-Qaradawi, who believes the Holocaust was punishment by Allah and has fatwas against homosexuality, Behar should fit right in with the insanity; that is if they allow her to keep her job.  According to Al Jazeera, they are planning a new US – based news channel that sounds like it may replace Current’s lineup.  In an announcement on their website, Al Jazeera states:

Al Jazeera Media Network announced that it will launch a new U.S.-based news channel that will provide both domestic news and international news for American audiences.

Al Jazeera Media Network also announced that it has acquired Current TV in the United States and that the new U.S.-based news channel will be available on Current’s distribution network when it is launched in 2013. There will be a transition from existing programming until the new Al Jazeera channel begins to air.

So either Al Jazeera will have a new channel that delivers news beside whatever Current believes itself to be, or they will be replacing the Current as we know it.  In any case, it certainly sounds like Al Jazeera doesn’t consider Current to be a network that delivers news and that may be the only thing on which we can agree.