CO healthcare exchange CEO not happy about state audit

By devancrean

Not only has Colorado’s Obamacare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, been underperforming in terms of the number of enrollments, but there’s been some other allegedly sketchy things going on there. The exchange has been granted over $180 million in federal taxpayer dollars and has already taken $80 million of that money.

So, Republican legislators thought it would be a good idea to enable the State Auditor to do a performance review of the exchange. Connect for Health Colorado CEO, Patty Fontneau, thinks otherwise. The exchange has gone through various audits to meet federal standards, but bill sponsor Rep. Dan Nordberg feels that, “if this is going to be the main vehicle for [Coloradans] to receive health insurance, it’s incumbent upon us to make sure it’s working right.” Makes sense to us.

Fontneau, on the other hand, told a legislative committee that it’s a lot of work and she doesn’t want to go through this type of audit since she isn’t clear on exactly how the exchange would be audited by the state. However, State Auditor Diane Wray, clearly laid out what the state would be looking at during the auditing process to both the legislative committee and in previous meetings with Fontneau. For some reason, Fontneau still claims she has no clue what this audit would entail.

Fontneau also didn’t want to go through an audit with the exchange only having been operational for less than six months. That’s funny because Fontneau asked for a huge bonus after the exchange had only been operational for a couple of months. Guess when it comes to her own payday, that’s far more important than how she’s spending taxpayer dollars. Good to know.