Colorado Senator Hudak’s “statistics”

By Kelly Maher

UPDATE: Apparently Senator Hudak has decided that the way to respond to the controversy surrounding her comments is to make YET ANOTHER totally patronizing quote, this time to the Denver Post:

“I feel so horrible for what some of these people have endured,” Hudak said. ” I am actually really looking out for their best interest.”


As Colorado’s gun control legislation continues the march forward, the tone is becoming more and more shrill on both sides of the debate. Last night Senator Evie Hudak (D- Westminster) responded to one woman, Amanda Collins, who told the heart-wrenching story of her assault:

“I just want to say that actually statistics were not on your side even if you had had a gun.”

What Senator Hudak fails to see, is that every woman should be able to choose how she defends herself. No one is mandating that a woman carry any type of weapon, but to disarm one who chooses to carry a weapon legally is to leave her defenseless. Maybe the statistics were against Collins, but since we are apparently legislating on hypothetical situations (as both Hudak and Representative Joe Salzar have shown us) then the lefty gun-grabbers must also accept the inverse, that maybe Collins could have prevented her assault, and that maybe if you feel like you’re going to be raped, you actually are and you should have the choice to defend yourself to the best of your own ability.