Conservatives Want to Knife Clinton

By Breeanne Howe

Nina Totenberg, legal affairs correspondent for publicly-funded NPR, appeared on PBS’ Inside Washington Friday to lend her opinion to the publicly-funded channel.  While, in theory, discussions on PBS should be nonpartisan, the bias of the station is so ingrained that Totenberg’s gushing over Hillary Clinton fit right in with the programming; she must have felt quite at home coming from NPR.  In fact, Totenberg was so comfortable with the leftist slant of public broadcasting that she spoke about those horrid Conservatives who don’t support her beloved Hillary:

I want to say a word about Hillary Clinton. Every time, you see how great her presence has really been, what a successful Secretary of State she’s been, by the fact that any time conservatives can, they want to take a knife to her throat. And guess what? She always turns it back on them. She has really emerged into an incredible force. I don’t know what she does with it. I hope she does what’s best for her and for us.

Yes, not only do Conservatives not support Hillary, they actually want to kill her according to Totenberg.  We’re guessing that the recent gun violence hearing, in which former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords spoke, wasn’t a reminder for Totenberg of the president’s request to tone down the rhetoric.  In Giffords’ case, many on the left blamed Sarah Palin for supposedly inciting violence against the Congresswoman; her hateful crosshairs imagery and all.  Will the left now blame Totenberg for the violent imagery she has painted which, according to them, endangers the life of Clinton?  Of course we all know the answer is no, the left can espouse whatever outlandish thought comes to their mind with no condemnation; and even force the taxpayers to pay for their hate speech!  Big Bird must be so proud.