Denver Homeless Abandoned By Gov. Hickenlooper

By elliereynolds

When the holidays roll around this time of year it’s important to reflect on those less fortunate than ourselves. With holiday parties, shiny presents and mountains of food sometimes we forget about those simply wanting to find shelter for the night. Colorado’s homeless population is at an all time high and cannot be ignored.

Ten years ago as Mayor, John Hickenlooper initiated an audacious plan to end homelessness in Denver. In an interview with Colorado Public Radio (CPR) Hickenlooper admitted he had no intention to ever end homelessness.

Hickenlooper used this plan as his main campaign in his race for Denver Mayor. According to 9News the plan is now 10 years in, over 47 million dollars in taxes spent and the homeless population in Denver is rapidly increasing.

The Governor not only didn’t follow through with the 10 year plan but misled us about his intentions at the time. In this telling interview with CPR, Hickenlooper said the plan was a “marketing effort.”

Hickenlooper exploited this vulnerable population by using their struggles for his political gain. The homeless in Denver are not marketing tools. On your next trip to downtown Denver think about ways that you as an individual can help, because clearly a big government push didn’t solve the problem.