Hagel: In His Own Words

By Breeanne Howe

If you watched Senator Chuck Hagel’s Secretary of Defense confirmation hearing, you know that to say it did not go smoothly is an understatement.  Hagel was unprepared for the difficult questions posed by Senate Republicans, which was a bit surprising considering their questions mostly revolved around statements Hagel himself has made.  When he wasn’t busy trying to remember his own words correctly, he was fumbling through explanations as to why he no longer stands by them.

The concern surrounding Hagel’s stated foreign policy opinions is important considering the prospect of him being our new Secretary of Defense.  The newest concern, however, is if Hagel can’t defend himself, how can he be expected to command those that defend the country?

In Revealing Politics’ newest video, we take a look at what Hagel has said in the past and what he seems to be saying now.