Happy Thanksgiving?

By Breeanne Howe

Thanksgiving.  Typically a day filled with family, lots of food and nap time for all.  Most Americans take the opportunity to pause from the usual rush and give thanks for the abundant life we enjoy in our country.  Children at school are taught about the first Thanksgiving.  They learn about the long voyage made by the Pilgrims and what life was like so long ago.  Children are also taught about the Pilgrims meeting the Native Americans and how they came together to celebrate their first successful harvest.

However, not everyone agrees that children should learn about the moment in time that brought about the Thanksgiving we enjoy today.  Instead, some would have the focus be on the events that followed when, as has often been the case in human history, friends turned against one another and war soon followed.  Revealing Politics’ Caleb Bonham took to the streets recently to ask those opposed to the traditional Thanksgiving story exactly how they would teach today’s Kindergartners about this important day in our country’s history.  We must caution you though, you may not want your Kindergartner around to see the results.