“High capacity” mag ban could be an almost total mag ban

By Kelly Maher

Colorado’s now nationally famous “high capacity” magazine ban could end up being much more widespread than anticipated according to lawmakers. During a late night debate in the Colorado Senate on Friday, Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) put forth the thesis that because the proposed ban includes magazines with more than 15 rounds, AND those which are “readily convertible” even those manufactured for smaller numbers are most likely to fall under the ban. Most magazines are designed to be pulled apart and cleaned and are therefore readily converted to a capacity above the proposed law. Our friend, Jon Caldara, of the Independence Institue, demonstrated the easy conversion in this video.

Despite Senator Lundberg’s argument, the bill passed out of the Colorado Senate has now passed conference committee and is headed to Governor John Hickenlooper for a vote. Although Governor Hickenlooper (@hickforcohas asserted signing the gun control bills won’t hurt his election chances, if he outlaws the future use of guns with almost any magazine not grandfathered under the ban, his political calculation in a state where guns are a deep-seated part of the culture is incredibly far off the mark.