HUH, Gun control, what is it good for?

By Kelly Maher

In a rare moment of complete honesty, Colorado Representative Claire Levy (D-Boulder) and sponsor of one of the many gun control bills making their way through the Colorado legislature, admitted that her bill may not actually reduce violent crime:

“I make no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce violent crime, that is not the premise of the bill.”

House Bill 13-1226 would eliminate legal concealed carry on college campuses by permit holders. In the midst of the House debate on the bill, Representative Cheri Gerou (R-Evergreen) introduced an amendment to require the state keep statistics on the increase or reduction of violent crime, which prompted Rep. Levy’s comments. Rep. Gerou’s amendment to keep statistics died shortly thereafter.

Representative Levy’s comments echo the feelings of most Coloradans, in a poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on March 2-3, 2013 65% of voters responded that these newgun control laws won’t reduce crime or make the state any safer.