Is Gov. Hickenlooper in charge, or is his staff?

By elliereynolds

Leadership had never been Governor Hickenlooper’s strong suit, but when he tried to explain his signature on the controversial high-capacity magazine ban it was clear why. The governor tried to dig himself out of the hole by blaming his staff for promising to sign the legislation, before he admits that he didn’t realize how controversial the issue was or how it divided the state.

Hold on guys we’re not even to the best part yet… Hickenlooper continued rambling on about how he should have got the facts before now. This is obviously a new idea to the governor. Actually having the facts before signing legislation, now that’s a good idea.

The governor’s last bit of comedy was when he told the sheriff’s why the legislation, he signed is basically pointless. Well governor, if you would have had the facts before you signed the bill maybe you could have exercised good leadership. But we all know that’s just not your M.O.