Maher Fans Are Funny Too!

By Breeanne Howe

Bill O’Reilly Producer Jesse Watters recently visited fans waiting outside of Bill Maher’s show to get an update on the Left’s perspective now that President Obama has been reelected.  We’d love to tell you the results were surprisingly refreshing, but we’ll leave the lies to the other side.  Watters’ was at least able to put a comedic spin on the old familiar talking points Maher’s fans parroted out.

Aside from the drunk girl who believes Obama has spent less than any president before him and the Canadian guy who was a bit overzealous about American politics, our favorite part was with comedian Bonnie McFarlane.  She managed to be comical without realizing it by revealing that, in fact, liberals do not want to embrace the right….  then she asked Watters out for drinks.  Oh liberals, if nothing else you can make us laugh.