NAACP Attacks Tim Scott

By Breeanne Howe

After only two years in Washington, Tim Scott of South Carolina was sworn into office Thursday to replace former Senator Jim DeMint.  He is the first African-American Republican senator since 1979 and will be the only African-American member of the Senate.

Accordingly, the NAACP jumped at the chance to tear down Scott for daring to think outside of the Democrat box.  Speaking on CNN, NAACP President Ben Jealous explained why Scott fails their report card every year.  According to Jealous, Scott doesn’t believe in civil rights.  It couldn’t possibly be that Scott agrees with the party of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lincoln; who abolished slavery by the way.  Somehow in the twisted mind of Jealous, not voting in a Democrat manner equals not believing in civil rights.

In reality, Jealous’ attempt to downplay a historical event in African-American history only highlights from where the racism comes in America.  Fortunately Senator Scott will continue to focus on the real issues facing Americans, even while the NAACP continues to play the race card as a substitute for substantive action.