Nancy Pelosi: “We did not treat President Bush this way.”

By devancrean

Democrats and President Obama have consistently whined about any criticism Obama has received during his presidency. How dare anyone say any unkind words about Obama! Obama is wonderful and anyone who disagrees with or criticizes Dear Leader Obama is a racist.

It’s much different when your guy is in power isn’t it? Yes, because we know how kind Democrats were to George W. Bush. Being compared to Hitler is totally a compliment, you know. Nancy Pelosi has a different recollection though and says Democrats “did not treat President Bush this way.” Maybe all the Botox is having detrimental effects on Pelosi’s memory. So let’s refresh it for her, shall we?

Pelosi had plenty to say about Bush that was less than flattering, including “bless his heart.” For anyone not from the South, that’s a polite way of saying you’re an idiot. Other liberals predictably attacked Bush as stupid and worse. And we can’t forget Kanye West’s declaration that, “George Bush hates Black people,” during the telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Sure, there were plenty of Republicans who said they wanted President Obama’s policies to fail, most notably Rush Limbaugh, who was immediately lambasted and of course called a racist. Funny thing though, a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll in 2006 showed that 51% of Democrats didn’t want Bush to succeed. Wait. Isn’t that worse than what Limbaugh and other Republicans hoped about Obama? But, again… you can’t say anything critical about Dear Leader Obama.

So go ahead Nancy and keep telling yourself that Democrats were super duper nice to President Bush. We’ll be here to set the record straight and remind you of the truth.