UPDATE: Nothing to do with politics? Leaked DOE emails suggest otherwise

By Kelly Maher

Colorado’s own CompleteColorado.com reported today that President Obama’s statement to KUSA reporter Kyle Clark just yesterday regarding the Abound Solar scandal may not have been entirely accurate. “These are decisions that are made, by the way, by the Department of Energy,” said President Obama, “they have nothing to do with politics.”

Yet CompleteColorado’s Todd Shepherd obtained emails from inside the Department of Energy (DOE)  that seem to indicate the DOE was beholden, or at least responsive to, the White House when deciding how to dole out loans to “green energy” companies.

In the leaked email DOE loan executive Jonathan Silver says to DOE credit advisor Jim McCrea, “You better let him know the WH [White House] wants to move Abound forward.” If the White House was, in fact, putting pressure on loan decision-makers within the Department of Energy the President’s characterization of loan distribution is entirely inaccurate.

The string of emails from Department of Energy officials suggest that despite serious concerns with Abound Solar, the pressure from the White House fast-tracked the taxpayer-backed loans through the process. Pat Stryker, a Colorado billionaire known largely for her colossal financial commitments to the President and the Democratic Party, also happened to be the primary financier of Abound Solar. The connection between the company and Stryker have caused many in the state to wonder if the federal loan served as some kind of political payback.

For more information see CompleteColorado.com


CompleteColorado.com has had so much traffic today because of this post it has temporarily taken down their server. Because of this development they have sent us the images of their leaked emails to host until their server comes back online. Luckily these damning pieces largely speak for themselves: