Obama campaign new theme song *with lyrics*

By Kelly Maher

Sometimes in political tracking the best thing to do is simply post the video and allow it to speak for itself. Campaigning at an Obama rally today “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen recalled a request he’d recently received from President Obama (complete with Obama impression) asking for a campaign theme song.

The only requirements, Springsteen told the crowd, were that the song must be about the new campaign theme “Forward” (which Springsteen believes is a much more appropriate slogan than “sideways”) and contain the name “Obama”. Springsteen even told the crowd he was so impressed with his song’s ability to pursuade that “once it reaches the swing states, they’ll go over the tipping point.”

Well the boss delivered in quite the, uhhhh, flourish. Lyrics below:

I kissed you sister, than I kissed your momma – Forward

Usually this time of day I’m still in my pajamas – Forward

Let’s vote for the man that got Osama – Forward

Forward, and away we’ll go.


So I came to Ohio lookin’ for a date – Forward

We kissed and I said “it’s a hell of a state” – Forward

We made love but it wasn’t so great – Forward

Forward, and away we go


Then Romney got schooled by Obama – Forward

Smilin’ Joe Biden brought the drama – Forward

Fox News said he was marijuana – Forward

Forward, and away we go


At the two points in the song when Springsteen paused for some self reflection he mentioned that a) the song wasn’t very good and b) the first debate really freaked him out. Yep . . .