Playing The Race Card

By Breeanne Howe

If there is any recurring theme we’ve heard far too many times over the last four years,  it’s been the accusation of racism on the right.  Many had hoped with the election of the first African American president that charges of racism would finally be put to rest, yet the left has seemed to be more obsessed with race with each passing year.  As the racial divide continues to increase, even after the reelection of President Obama, it is becoming clear that the left is dedicated to keeping racism alive.

Helping to lead the charge is Chris Matthews, who invited African American Republican J.C. Watts on his show recently to harass him into agreeing that the GOP was using “ethnic dog whistles” against Obama during the election. Because there is nothing racist at all about inviting an African American on your show to confirm your suspicions of “ethnic dog whistles.”  According to Matthews, racism from the right is the reason minority voters were turned off by the Republican party.  Of the three clips he showed to prove his point, one was a lengthy birther argument by Donald Trump;  the party’s crazy uncle who is endured because, like it or not, he is family.  Fortunately, Watts was able to rise above the insanity that permeates MSNBC and did not give in to Matthews’ badgering.