Post-Racial Society

By Breeanne Howe

We keep waiting for the post-racial society that was supposed to come about with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Now that he has been re-elected, surely racism is behind us? Well, not according to MSNBC and CBS.

According to CBS’ Nancy Giles, which she explains on MSNBC, “white people are trying to eliminate” abortions “to build up the race.” Never mind the fact that abortion rates for African American women and Hispanic women are higher than Caucasian women.  We guess when you are part of the mainstream media facts aren’t really something you concern yourself with.

Giles’ theory is not only a sad reminder that the media cannot be trusted to do their job, it’s also the answer to those that were hoping a second term might change things for the better.  Many things will change with the re-election of Obama, but the racial tension in our country is not likely to be one of them.