Students fed anti-fracking “rap”

By Kelly Maher

Who knows what their children are being taught in Colorado’s schools? As first reported by, the two brothers who are the public faces of  Earth Guardians presented an anti-fracking “rap” to Evergreen Middle School on Friday, May 3. They posted a video of their presentation here to the students.

The two brothers are vocal advocates for environmental causes going so far as to make a music video and preforming on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol. It is unclear what other messages the students of Evergreen Middle School were given in conjunction with the performance, but the tone, tenor and content should make parents and educators wary of the one-sided nature of this presentation.

Highlights include:

“When I say “what the” you say “frack!”. What the frack? What the frack?”


“but it poisoned the water, and it poisoned the air . . .”

“. . . our government has corrupted the way we think, because of fracking we can light up our sink”

They go on to say that the natural gas industry is fueled by “greed” and advocate for renewable energy.