Disgusting Pro-Morse ad reveals desperation

By Kelly Maher

The committee created to protect Senator John Morse from recall “A Whole Lot of People for John Morse” (read: A Whole Lot of Michael Bloomberg for John Morse) just released a facebook photo ad supporting the Senator.

Gross Ad from John Morse

“A ban on high capacity magazines may have saved her life.”

The clear implication being, if you don’t support Morse in fighting the recall you are somehow in favor of children being shot. Such a disgusting use of a victim for political purposes should confirm to Morse’s constituents exactly why they are recalling him in the first place.

Aside from what one political operative calls the clear “cringe factor” associated with this piece, the absolute absurdity of the retroactive hypothetical argument reveals the abject desperation of their campaign. We can, will, and should, argue ad nauseam about factors that could have been different to prevent such a tragedy but the use of an image like this for political gain is the epitome of everything we have all come to hate about politics.

But lest we believe this kind of gross “if you don’t support me children will die” politicking is new, alas, it is not. In President Lyndon B. Johnson’s race against Barry Goldwater an ad with similar implications ran, once, on television. The ad was so controversial and received so much criticism, it was immediately pulled afterward. Although Johnson ultimately won his election, the din of people calling out for a stop to such disgusting tactics sent a clear message. So as Morse chooses to adopt Johnsonian messaging, here’s hoping he will also here the call of Coloradans who reject this type of disgusting ad.