Time For Presidential Leadership

By Breeanne Howe

As the fiscal cliff looms, the majority of talk out of Washington concerns entitlement reform. Everyone seems to want it, but no one can agree on how to get it. The subject is not a new one, in fact, in 2008 then candidate Barack Obama was questioned on the issue during a debate. At the time, Obama seemed dedicated to the idea that entitlement reform must happen quickly, ideally in his first term as President.

As we now know, entitlement reform was among the many issues the President was unable to make progress on in his first term. In fact, entitlements have increased over the past four years. In his newest video, Revealing Politics’ Ben Howe has a message for the President – it’s not too late. We are still waiting on the reforms that must happen before the we go over the cliff.  Barack Obama has been reelected and now is the time for him to be the leader he was elected to be.  Will he be capable of the compromise that is needed to achieve economic stability?  We can only hope as time is running out.