What Difference Does It Make?

By Breeanne Howe

In a long-awaited testimony, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on Wednesday before Congress to answer for the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi during which four Americans were killed.  While she admitted that the incident was her fault, Clinton dismissed the idea that understanding why the attack occurred might be important.  “What difference does it make,” she asked, clearly irritated that she couldn’t just glaze over the event.  For the families of the four men that died in Benghazi, a more compassionate person may conclude that it makes a big difference.  Clinton’s response, however, is just more evidence of an administration that clearly doesn’t mind avoiding and/or stretching the truth so long as they can continue serving their own purposes.

To drive home the point of the lack of truth that permeates the Obama administration, Liberty News Network has a new video up that asks the same question as Clinton: “What difference does it make?”  Compiling a portion of the history of questionable statements made by members of the administration, the video makes a compelling case that perhaps, in a way, Clinton is right.  Yes, the truth matters; but if the past is any indication, we won’t get the truth until 2016.  So will the latest excuse from the White House make any difference?  For now, the families of the Americans murdered in Benghazi will have to rest in the knowledge that, while many Americans do care to get to the truth of what happened, none of them appear to be in the White House.