our peeps

The Fearless Leader – Executive Director

Kelly Maher is a nationally recognized professional political video blogger and “tracker”.  Ms. Maher brings her years of campaign, policy, and messaging work to the team. In addition to her years as a blogger and commentator, she has worked on every level of state and federal candidate and issue campaigns. She is known for her ability to distill complex political messages in a fun and accessible way. With over 12 years in politics, Ms. Maher still brings a fresh free-market perspective to her work. Her policy specialties include health care, education, employment and tort reform. Her favorite addictions include good wine, coffee, and trying new foods. She currently resides in Capitol Hill, Denver with her Boston Terrier, Guinness. Follow Kelly on Twitter @okmaher

Creative Director

Ben Howe is founder of Mister Smith Media, Creative Director for Revealing Politics, a Contributing Writer at RedState.com as well as the Editorial Director of RedState TV.  He is also a contributor to Breitbart.com.  In addition to hosting The Ben Howe Show on FTR Radio, the #1 conservative online radio station on the internet he guest hosts on 50k watt radio juggernaut,  WBT 1110 AM in Charlotte, NC.   He is also the star of the Ben Howe Vlog which airs on YouTube and provides humorous analysis and commentary on current events. Follow Ben on Twitter @BenHowe

Senior Tracker/Writer

Ellie Reynolds comes from the red state of South Dakota. Once in the Rocky Mountains she fell in love with the state and its people. She has participated in local and national elections and has also worked in the private sector doing government relations. When not tracking politicians, Ellie works on her own political blog “The Republican Rant.” She also serves as the president of the non-profit she founded, Community Connections, a non-profit that works with refugees from Burma, Thailand, Iraq, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and other countries providing workshops to increase communication and professionalism during their job search and within the work place. While she holds a lot on her plate, nothing is more important to the young activist as the people and policies that affect struggling Americans. @EllieReynolds4